Made from highly durable PVC, Cowbloks are a new product as an alternative to our orthopaedic shoes for the treatment of lameness in cattle, these are fitted to the healthy claw and take the weight off the affected claw, thus alleviating the pain and accelerating healing. The cow’s mobility improves, weight is gained and milk yield increases, Our Flip blok has a little lip which is just flipped to accommodate left and right fitting.

We also have a new unique Bio Cowblok manufactured from plant- based ingredients and manufactured in the UK, this product is designed to encourage micro-organisms to feed and thrive this will bio-degrade the products produced.
This happens in the outdoor environment at a moist ambient temperature.

The benefits of our new Cowblok :

100% Biodegradable, breaking down to Biomass, CO² and H²O. (Products with a wall thickness of 0.5mm will 100% Biodegrade within 12 weeks).
Ambient aerobic compostable.
Produced from sustainable organic ingredients (no polymers, plastic or palm oil used).
Independently tested and verified to three environmental globally accredited test specifications: EN 13432 (2000) - ASTM D6400 (2012) - ISO 17088 (2012).
Not water soluble.
Products discarded or buried in the ground / mud, in the countryside will decompose and therefore not contaminate the environment (retaining organic farm status).
Products can be recycled.
Dust created by abrasion will decompose.


Our Cowbloks come in two sizes; Cowblok Plus & Cowblok XL, we supply bloks in boxes of 10, 40’s & 100’s, we can supply Blok only or Blok & Giltspur two part Glue on request.





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